Toyota Headquarters


Toyota Headquarters.

All Toyota Corporate Office contacts (both in the US and in Japan), including headquarters addresses and phone numbers.

We have also added a list of the complete Executive Team, the various Toyota Jobs and Careers pages, and a guide on how best to reach the Toyota Customer Service.

About Toyota.

Toyota is one of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. The firm has manufactured more than 200 million vehicles since it was first established in 1937, and is now a global corporation that employs over 300,000 people. In the United States, Toyota operates via its subsidiary, Toyota Motor Sales USA. The company has been selling passenger vehicles in the American market since 1957.

Toyota USA manufactures and sells economy vehicles, SUVs, luxury cars, and trucks, and is also known for its electric and hybrid vehicles. In 2015, Toyota US sold approximately 2.5 million vehicles/

Toyota Corporate Office Contacts.

Below we have listed the contact details for the headquarters of Toyota US, plus the address and phone number of the global Toyota headquarters in Japan.

Toyota US Headquarters Phone Number.

+1- 800-331-4331

The Toyota US Headquarters Hours are: Monday – Friday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Pacific Time).

Toyota US Headquarters Fax Number.


Toyota Headquarters Address.

P.O. Box 259001

Plano, TX, 75025-9001


Toyota’s four separate North American headquarters for manufacturing, sales, finance and marketing, and corporate operations is in the process of relocating to one large campus in Plano, Texas from Torrance, California.  The move will affect approximately 4,000 employees. The new Toyota’s headquarters is completed in early 2017.

Toyota Financial Services Addresses.

Toyota Financial Services
P.O. Box 5855
Carol Stream, IL

Toyota Financial Services
P.O. Box 4102
Carol Stream, IL

Toyota is a Japanese company, so the worldwide headquarters is located in Japan:

Toyota Japan Headquarters Phone Number.

+ 81-565-28-2121

Toyota Japan (Global Headquarters) Address.

1 Toyota-Cho, Toyota City

Aichi Prefecture 471-8571, Japan

Toyota Headquarters Usa
The new Toyota Headquarters for North America will house 4000 employees in Plano, Texas. The campus is known as One Toyota and is already in operation.

Toyota Executive Team.

This list comprises the full Toyota Executive Team in Japan, including the board of directors.

  • Hirofumi Muta, Senior Managing Officer
  • Shigeru Hayakawa, Senior Managing Officer
  • Keiji Masui, Senior Managing Officer
  • Hiroji Onishi, Senior Managing Officer
  • Koei Saga, Senior Managing Officer
  • Tokuo Fukuichi, Senior Managing Officer
  • Kitoyaka Ise, Senior Managing Officer
  • James E. Lentz, Senior Managing Officer
  • Soichiro Okudaira, Senior Managing Officer
  • Moritaka Yoshida, Senior Managing Officer
  • Mitsuru Kawai, Senior Managing Officer
  • Kazuiro Miyauchi, Senior Managing Officer
  • Toshiyuki Mizushima, Senior Managing Officer
  • Osamu Nagata, Senior Managing Officer
  • Shigeki Tomoyama, Senior Managing Officer
  • Steve St. Angelo, Senior Managing Officer
  • Johan Van Zyl, Managing Officer
  • Kazuhiro Kobayasi, Managing Officer
  • Kazuo Ohara, Managing Officer
  • Riki Inuzuka, Managing Officer
  • Shinki Kitada, Managing Officer
  • Masahisa Nagata, Managing Officer
  • Hayato Shibakawa, Managing Officer
  • Shinya Kotera, Managing Officer
  • Tetsuya Otake, Managing Officer
  • Kazuhiro Sato, Managing Officer
  • Tatsuro Takami, Managing Officer
  • Kyoichi Tanada, Managing Officer
  • Tatsuro Ueda, Managing Officer
  • Hiroyuki Fukui, Managing Officer
  • Hiroki Nakajima, Managing Officer
  • Yasuhiko Sato, Managing Officer
  • Yoshiro Sawa, Managing Officer
  • Yoshio Shimo, Managing Officer
  • Takashi Yamamoto, Managing Officer
  • Karl Schlicht, Managing Officer
  • Koki Konishi, Managing Officer
  • Masayoshi Shirayanagi, Managing Officer
  • Mark S. Templin, Managing Officer
  • Takeshi Isogaya, Managing Officer
  • Jiro Kawamoto, Managing Officer
  • Hirohisha Kishi, Managing Officer
  • Yuji Maki, Managing Officer
  • Yoichi Miyazaki, Managing Officer
  • Tetsuo Ogawa, Managing Officer
  • Hiroaki Okuchi, Managing Officer
  • Christopher P. Reynolds, Managing Officer
  • Shuichi Murakami, Managing Officer
  • Hiroaki Nanhara, Managing Officer

Toyota Board of Directors.

  • Takeshi Uchiyamada
  • Akio Toyoda
  • Mitsuhisa Kato
  • Takahiko Ijichi
  • Didier Leroy
  • Shigeki Terashi
  • Noboyuri Kodaira
  • Shigeru Hayakawa
  • Ikuo Uno
  • Haruhiko Kato
  • Mark T. Hogan
  • Masaki Nakatsugawa
  • Masahiro Kato
  • Yoshiyuki Kagawa
  • Yoko Wake
  • Teisuke Kitayama
  • Hiroshi Ozu

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. Executive Team.

  • Jim Lentz is the chief executive officer of Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
  • Michael R. Groff is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Financial Services North America.
  • Seiya Nakao is President of the Toyota Technical Center and Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing, North America, Inc.
  • Kazuo Ohara is President and Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

Toyota Careers and Jobs.

To view the current career opportunities at Toyota USA, visit this page, which also explains the application process and lets you apply to jobs online.

Toyota’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages are other sources of job listings.

How to Complain to Toyota.

If you are in the US and have a complaint to make, then please call the Toyota Customer Service Hotline on 800-331-4331. Call 1-310-468-4000 for calls originating outside the United States. Phone lines at the Customer Experience Center are open between 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Monday-Friday), between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays (Pacific Time).

The customer service department mailing address is: 19001 South Western Ave. Dept. WC11 Torrance, CA 90509.

You may also contact the Customer Care Team on Twitter / or by tweeting at the handle @ToyotaCustCare.

You can email Toyota by filling out their Email Form. Choose the department that you want to contact, fill in your details, enter your issue or question and press submit.

Alternative, you can ask a question or voice a complaint in the Toyota Community Forum. Other owners have answered more than 33000 questions, so use the search function to find instant answers. Click on ‘Refine Results’ to use the search function.

Other Toyota Resources.

Check our list of additional Toyota resources to find alternative ways of reaching this Japanese vehicle manufacturer.

Please share your experiences, praise or complaints, about the Toyota Motor Company, in the comment section.

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Patricia Schmall
Patricia Schmall

My 18 year old daughter was driving her 2014 Toyota RAV4 two days ago. The gas pedal stopped working so she pulled the car to the side of the road and put it in park. Within seconds her car started smoking and quickly caught on fire. She got out of the car, stepped away, and it began bursting into flames. The fire department and police were called. The road she was on had to be shut down due to the fire. Her car is a melted, unrecognizable mess. Unbelievable. Images of it have been posted by witnesses on facebook. I would like someone to contact me ASAP to discuss this matter. This should never have happened. My daughter was 3 miles from my home, and had only been driving for a few minutes before this happened.
She could have been seriously injured or killed by this fire.

Rebecca Hooker
Rebecca Hooker

I purchased a 2016 Toyota Camry SE, it is only 2 years old and just shy of 35,000 miles. I have had it into the dealership service department 3 times for noises in the dashboard. Each time they place a noise reduction (AKA foam pieces) kit on where it is believed to be coming from but this is only covering up the issue and has not corrected the problem. I have no problems with the service I have received as I have been treated well but I have a huge problem with the design flaw and the company needs to fix it. This is not my first Toyota Camry but it y first one with this problem.

Fabian Strickland
Fabian Strickland

Hello. I have been a Toyota buyer for years. My family has had a 2 camarys, a Tundra, celica, 2 Siennas, 2 Highlander’s, RAV4, Tacoma, and an Avalon. Does Toyota offer any type on incentives for me to continue buying this brand? Currently I am looking for a Tacoma fort younger son.


the rich get richer off someone else dollar or mistake.

dianne boyd

Louise E. Carella
Louise E. Carella

On November 29, 2017, I leased a RAV4 SLE from Toyota of Stuart, FL. When I did so, I only leased it in my name and did not put my husband’s name as co-owner because he is an amputee and had not driven in four years, nor does he have a driver’s license; only a FL ID card. On our 2015 Toyota RAV4 SLE, we had a handicap plate. A month and a half later, I get via FedEx, a new plate with a yellow sticky note on it saying that because my husband’s name was not on the lease and I am not handicapped, I cannot have the handicap plate. Had I known that when I originally leased the 2018 RAV4 SLE from Toyota of Stuart, FL, I would have definitely put his name on the lease. Now, I tried going through Toyota Finance in Mobile, AL, but they tell me I have to fill out a credit application for my husband (who is 85 years of age and hasn’t done anything with credit in years) . Had I known this would have presented a problem, I would have put my husband’s name as co-owner when I leased the car. I don’t know what you can do for me to rectify this situation, BUT the one thing you CAN do is to inform ALL sales people that if someone comes to ANY dealer to buy or lease a car, they should be aware that if the car already has a handicap plate, that that person’s name HAS TO BE ON THE LEASE in order to keep the handicap plate. I have been to the DMV twice and Toyota three times trying to correct the situation and were given two options. One is to negate the lease and start over (which would cost me $1,500) and the other is the credit application. Toyota Finance of Mobile AL is sending me a credit application. Don’t know how this is going to work, but I’ll try it and, hopefully, be able to once again have a handicap plate. However, if you can possibly and in any way fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

eliseo javier
eliseo javier

I used my toyota 2005 4 runner on 6/23/2017 which I parked outside my garage for 4 hours to find out that my dashboard was sticky and melting. My toyota 4 runner has only 30,000 mileage and I parked this inside my covered garage but only to find out yeterday when I parked it under the sun for 4 hours that my car was a defective car from the start. I called toyota and was informed that warranty expired on 5/31/2017 and I was given ref#1706240006 with no help and assurance that this problem to be rectified by toyota. I am appealing and asking that toyota correct this problem wherein I found out now that I can not park my car under the sun because I have a defective car sold to me by toyota wherein I paid this in 2005 for cash for $35,000.00. I bought 2 4runners, 4 rav4, celica and corolla with toyota on lancaster dealership in pa and i had my brother in canada bought a brand new 2017 toyota highlander last month. I appealing for courtesy that toyota repair my melting and sticky dashboard and repair this as soon as possible.

Ezekiel Lemiso
Ezekiel Lemiso

I have been a Toyota loyalist until a little over 2 weeks ago. Nearly three years ago, I decided to buy Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2007. Up until 3 months ago, it had lived up to it’s hype or close to it as I possiby expected. In november, I took the car for break work, both rotors and break pads, no big deal, but before I left the lot after completion of the break work, the cvc lights came on dash board, the car was still driveable but the breaks were not functioning well, so I took it to the dealer, I was told the “hydraulic actuator” had failed that required over $2,500, fast forward to just under (3) three months later, my wife and I were on a weekend getaway to Atlantic city, at the end of our trip as we were coming back home, the car stalled in the middle of the highway (Atlantic city expressway) apparently a private highway. Thankfully i was on the driver seat because there was a large truck behind us and I managed to steer the vehicle to the shoulder using the momentum. When I called the dealer who had fixed the car with the prior problems, he was not able to give me any ideas of what it would be, so I had to find away to tow the car over 100 miles to the shop.
After about 10 days of back and forth phone calls to the dealer, the services department of the local Toyota dealer told me that unfortunately the part that failed is unfixable, the part has to be ordered from Toyota and it’s very expesive. He said it’s cost $7800 just the part and about $2k for labor. Before he gave his suggestion of what to do, I asked why Toyota would have such vehicle that could fatally harm an operator and without a reasonable cause for failure. While I am deeply displeased by the cost of repair, I am angered by the possibility that Toyota knowingly manufactured a vehicle the could be a casket for it’s passengers should such a failure occur. Simply the fact that there is not a definite cause for failure nor a way to avoid it not to mention the times with which the failure can occur is deeply concerning.
I have called Toyota headquarters for answers and all I got was redirection to the local Toyota where I spoke to someone who only gave me the codes of the error and the number of the parts. (IPM-04001-29148 and G92A0-48090) I don’t what these characters stand for but the definitely answer any answers for my anger and dissatisfaction.
Again, I have attempted to reach Toyota headquarters and it seems I won’t get any response…and why would I, I still owe over $8000, the dealer offered me $100, YES you heard me $100 so the can get rid of my car, Basically enough money for uber to dump me at home. I somehow now have to get a new car, so I can work to not only feed my family but pay for a car I don’t have. I gues I am microscopic for Toyota to pay any mind but if I don’t hear from them, I will use my small microphone to warn everyone about this company and their deception in their products.
Like I said, I have been a Toyota loyal customer, even as I harshly speak out against this particular, I still own a Toyota Sienna which we love very much but that’s not consolation for the trouble I am going through.

danny bunte
danny bunte

I have owned 5 Toyotas and have not had a problem until now. My 2003 Tundra with a little over 74,000 miles had a recall for frame rust in 2012. At which time, the dealer sprayed with CRC (57,000 miles). In July of 2016 after having an alignment done, I was informed that the frame was extremely rusted. Toyota was notified but to no avail. On Feb. 19, 2017 while making a slow right hand turn, the upper control arm snapped because of extreme rust. If I had been on the highway, I can only imagine what could have happened. Have since been told that the frame is completely rusted.

If Toyota can warranty their drive train and engines for atleast 50,000 miles, why can’t they warranty their Safety Recall repairs for more than 17,000 miles?
Without the frame, what good is the rest of the vehicle!

In my opinion, as well as others, the spray job was an insufficient repair for what could have been a catastrophe. It should be Toyotas responsibility to make the proper corrections especially when it is a SAFETY RECALL!!!


My Tacoma is rusted but out of 15 year period. Toyota will see my name on legal forms for more than one reason.
Please reply someone in Japan.

wijekoon W.M.I.S.K
wijekoon W.M.I.S.K

Attention to the chairman of Toyota Company
when a vehicle is parked in the open in a tropical country. Interior get heated. To avoid this situation, cant you fixe a solar panel on the car roof and run separate a.c .from it when the engine is not running? we can then maintain the car interior temperature at a lower value, without burning fuel. thank you

Andrea Robinson
Andrea Robinson

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry, I cannot find out about the oil consumption. they tell me there was nothing wrong with it. I know I didn’t be home about two weeks I recall it was in the shop for about two months now and something is very wrong with this car. they say that they broke the mold when it gets really hot, and i know that I dont have the $6000 to get it fixed. thinks something is very wrong.

Author wilson Donnett
Author wilson Donnett

I have been driving a Toyota Land Cruiser, 2000 model, with engine no: zuzx0024184 and chasis no: uzji000015811 for the past twelve (12) years and still driving it.i like the car so much because it has a rugged, reliable and durable attributes. I can not see my self driving another brand of vehicle. Toyota Landcruiser is all I have and still need. It is long over due for change, but I can not do that now due the downturn in economy of my country. I most respectfully and sincerely solicit the help of the Chairman, Mr.Takeshi Uchiyamada, the President Mr.Akio Toyoda and the the chief Financial Officer, director and Executive Vice President Mr. Takahiko Ijichi of Toyota Corporation to help me with a 2015 model for a soft trade in. My car has a good maintainance, thats why it is serving me after sixteen (16) years of its manufacture. I will be very grateful if this my humble snd noble appeal is granted. Hoping to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Mighty Cheers.
Engr. Author Wilson Donnett.

Corporate Office Support

I have a Prius, and it drives and preforms well, but I must say that the inside of the car is pretty poorly designed.